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X-m is not simply an online exam conductor, but it has been designed to provide an extremely powerful learning platform to the students by infusion of an ability to establish a stronger collaboration to form cohesiveness among the three main stakeholders of the education domain, namely students, educationalists and the governing body.

The students are no longer the audience, but have a tool to enhance their learning ability, anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the educationalists have to play a major role in crediting their knowledge into the X-m Bank to let it flow continuously to reach out to their students to wash their doubts and clear knowledge blockade.

The governing body of institutions can make use of X-m to overcome shortcomings being faced in the educational domain caused by the pandemic. It provides them with the ability to :

  • (1) Let student assess & enhance their knowledge through X-m Mock Test, anytime
  • (2) Perform formal online examination through X-m Online Exam Platform
  • (3) Experience both online and traditional offline evaluation and tabularization process through X-m Exceptional Evaluation Platform
  • (4) Conduct Online Entrance Test through X-m Online Exterance Test Platform

Kujur Consulting, Ranchi is proud to present a powerful web application and guarantees to provide mandatory technical support in its usages so that institutions can use it 99.9% trouble free.

X-m is an intellectual property of Kujur Consulting and will remain so.


KUJUR'S REAL TIME ATTENDANCE SYSTEM (K-RAS) is one of its kinds, that covers all the features and functionalities necessary to ease out the processes at traditional manual attendance office. It is designed to collect routine based attendance information on a real time basis and sends out messages to the parents of absenting students, thereby guaranteeing all round real & regular realization to the educational institutions.

K-RAS not only facilitates to mark real time attendance but, has also the power to provide real time access to attendance information to the students, parents, educationalists and governing body. It ensures seamless flow of educational information among different stakeholders and brings absolute transparency thereby, proving to be far advanced with an incredible potential to reduce the use of costly SMS system to a great extent in the educational domain.

Educational Institutions are most welcome to get into the Term License Agreement (TLA) to rent K-RAS and fetch immediate benefit as some are outlined herein:

  1. Enhances Pupil performance
  2. Enhances Teacher-Student relationship
  3. Prevents Proxy attendance
  4. Ensures Parents direct involvement
  5. Ensure Transparent and digital attendance office
  6. Reduces Chances of calculation error
  7. Reduces Management burden
  8. Ensures Ease of reporting to the internal / external authorities & stakeholders
  9. Ensures ease of multi-dimensional communication viz. period-wise/ daily pupil attendance, daily faculty/staff attendance, attendance periodic summary, complaints to parents, information broadcast etc.
  10. Ensures cutting of unnecessary costs
  11. Ensures regular monetary realization to the institutions & more……

All rights on K-RAS & ownership are reserved.


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