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Kujur Consulting is a mission to deploy digital solutions and prolific ideas into your business domain. We find ways to fabricate applications that serve your digital needs, helping your business flourish in the best possible way.



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Kujur’s online exam conductor X-m

X-m is not simply an online exam conductor, but it has been designed to provide an extremely powerful learning platform to the students by infusion of an ability to establish a stronger collaboration to form cohesiveness among the three main stakeholders of the education domain, namely students, educationalists and the governing body.

Students are no longer the audience, but have a tool to enhance their learning ability, anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the educationalists have to play a major role in crediting their knowledge into the X-m Bank to let it flow continuously to reach out to their students to wash their doubts and clear knowledge blockade.

Therefore, the governing body of institutions can make use of X-m to overcome shortcomings being faced in the educational domain caused by the pandemic and even after. Its religious submission will guarantee reduction in the increasing gap between the educationalists and their pupil. It provides students with the ability to assess & enhance their knowledge through X-m Mock Test, anytime - anywhere. This all-time product is bound to prove its potential in the hands of dedicated educationalist and submitted beneficiaries.

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Kujur’s educational hub Ked-hub

Ked-hub is a powerful communication tool and web application designed to establish stronger and instant communication between the teachers and their students. It allows both teachers and students to upload their articles in the cloud thereby ensuring the availability of the educational needs online for the students anytime - anywhere. It also invites to store books and reference materials and allows the governing body to publish notice on the notice board thus ensuring seamless and uninterrupted flow of educational information by eliminating unnecessary cost involved in information passing in the educational domain. It eliminates the chances of losing valuable information and removes the pain of storing huge data volume in the local machine or mobile phone.

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Kujur’s real time attendance system K-RAS

K-RAS is one of its kinds that cover all the features and functionalities necessary to ease out the processes at traditional manual attendance office. It is designed to collect routine based or “once a day” attendance information on a real time basis and has the capability to send messages to the parents of absenting students thereby guaranteeing all round real & regular realization to the institutions.

K-RAS not only facilitates to mark real time attendance but, has also the power to provide real time access to attendance information to the students, parents, educationalists and governing body, anytime - anywhere. It ensures seamless flow of attendance information on real-time basis among the different stakeholders and brings absolute transparency.

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Kujur’s safe messaging system

KSmes is a powerful message broadcasting web application within an educational domain that provides restricted and safe access to the publication. Different entities within an educational institution can easily share educational messages in text form. Every publication is restricted to the extent that it would only be delivered to the entities/entities for which the publications is done. It allows publication by the governing body and educationalists and parents. The level of publication is listed as below:

  • Publication for specific pupil
  • Publication for a specific class, say Class VI Section A
  • Publication for a specific level, say Class VI Section All
  • Publication for a specific Stream, say All Primary Students
  • Publication for every student in the Institute
  • Publication for a specific teacher
  • Publication for a group of teachers
  • Publication for specific non-teaching staff
  • Publication for all staff

The permissible publication length is 3000 characters. Compare to the SMS system where charges are made based on the SMS credits and each credit is limited to certain number of characters, KSmes gives flexibility to broadcast messages without caring about the number of characters. The other advantages:

  • Availability of publication is anytime and anywhere
  • Publication is not restricted to specific hardware
  • Publication is protected through proper credentials
  • Chances of accidental deletion of publication is none because it resides in the cloud unlike SMS
  • Kills the pain of maintaining volume of SMS in the mobile
  • Publication is organized in one place for easy access

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